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  On my monitor the card looks blurry. What will the final output look like?
  Due to the shortfall in reproducing high quality images on one's monitor, the proof that will be generated as you are building your custom card is either 72 of 96 dots per inch. However, when we will print your cards, we will utilize graphic images that will be printed at 360 dpi. To phrase it another way, your screen resolution of 72 or 96 dots per inch results in an image of 5,184 pixels per sq inch. The 360 dpi that we will print your cards results in 129,600 pixels per sq inch. As you can see now from the explanation, the low resolution image that you see on your monitor contains 7 per cent or less of the pixels that normally make up our a 360 dpi printed image. 72 or 96 dpi images are the quality one views on a website. Since you are only previewing your card online, it will certainly not be as sharp as the full color printed card.
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